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Plans Now Available for the FREE Electricity Engine & Generator!




Nikola Tesla Secret

  • The motor is rated at about 16 Hp – more can be added, up to 250 Hp.
  • It’s also an AC Generator, rated at 1200 Watts to 6,000 Watts
    Plenty of Power for a 1500 SF Home.
  • Voltage output: – 120V,220V or 240V AC – 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Plans Are Available NOW! Cost: $47
Assembled Model NOT Available YET.

Nikola Tesla Secret ENGINE PLANS 

Includes: Step by step color photos, 3 videos and 1 year free tech support by e-mail. Plans also include complete drawings, illustrations and schematics – 119 pages total. These plans will take you step by step and are very easy to follow.

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Free energy for your home and business

Free Energy for your Home or Business

Believe It or Not – Perpetual Motion is Finally Here!

What we are creating will initiate great savings, supply true freedom from fossil fuels, and possibly reduce our national debt.

This video is the closest example I could find that displays the concept of what we are creating.

Cheap Electricity From Magnetic Generators

With the changing of times it has become very important to look for new methods and sources for generating energy. Discovering new ways of cheaper energy generation is essential for us to become independent of the power companies and help our environment. The production of cheaper energy is a crucial requirement of our life since the cost of energy is ever skyrocketing and the entire world is suffering because of it. Continue reading

One Community: a Global Open-Source Utopia Project

Join the One Community Project and Help Save Our Planet!


One Community is a global “save the earth” GREEN project founded on a large-scale sustainability eco-village open source project-launch blueprinting everything people need to build self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities all over the world.

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Wanted: Engineer for PMG (Perpetual Motion Generator)

mechanical engineer wantedIt’s been four months since I’ve communicated with our PMG engineer. I’ve emailed him, and made several phone calls that haven’t been returned, so I’ve given up on him. And we’re aware that he’s not the ONLY engineer who could bring this to life – I could do it, if I had the time.The selected individual will share in one-third of all profits.


  1. Willing to develop this device with future compensation
  2. Must be self-motivated
  3. Should have 10-plus hours per week to devote to this

EarthJustice Is Making A Difference!

Earthjustice_LogoA friend of mine, Tommy Knighton, at IBOsocial put up this post, and brought my attention to a company that’s doing a lot of good for our planet. Earthjustice has just won two major victories over fossil fuels that strengthen our resolve to make 2013 the year America turns from these dirtiest of energy sources and moves towards a clean energy future—the only real solution to climate change. Read the full story here. Also, I went to the Earthjustice blog, and grabbed this video from a post, Chasing Ice OFFICIAL TRAILER

EarthJustice is a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places and wildlife of this earth & the right of all people to a healthy environment.

http://www.earthjustice.org/   They are headquartered in San Francisco and has nine regional law offices, an international program, a communications team, and a policy team in Washington, D.C. With this combination of expertise and reach, they mount smart, effective campaigns that draw from their excellent legal work but are also supported by savvy lobbying and hard-hitting communications.

Take a Seat, Take a Stand (from their Facebook page).

Ready to take action? Go directly to the Action Center!

Vote to distribute the donations