browser wars

Browser Wars, Browser Compatibility

OK, so I’m a web designer, and get paid to make sure everything works right … right? BUT, before I’m all that, I’m lazy and preoccupied. And one of the jobs of a web designer, is to be sure your website looks the same in all browsers. Well, I FAILED. And you can see the results below. But what the heck? This theme was intended to be a temporary theme until I could get all the bugs taken care of by the developer of the theme I bought for this, “Hybrido.”

The theme displayed here now, is a free theme courtesy of (like let’s give him a BAD name) But now that we’re about to change our name (we’ll keep this website here), why bother? Our theme for our new website will be OFFICE … and YES, our new name will be Renewable Energy Systems – got the dot com, dot net, and dot org for it. AND, having trouble propagating – devil working OT on this LOL.

What our NEW site might look like (complete with Lightbox image viewer):

Incoming search terms:

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