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People who need a magnetic perpetual motion energy generator

Sign Up to Become a Magnetic Energy Generator Affiliate!

So, would you like to sell these for a profit? We’ll even drop-ship for you!

We expect to have the first models ready in July 2012. The cost will be about $8,000, and they will supply ALL of your home’s electrical power for a conventional 1300 square foot home. You can finance this for less than your current utility bill, and just think – when the loan expires, NO MORE UTILITY BILL!!!

So, just fill out this form, and we will contact you when we have some units available.

And of course, you will NOT be paying $8,000! We will discount your generators by 50% – THAT’S RIGHT – you will be getting your magnetic perpetual motion energy generator for $4,000! So sign up now, and help make this planet a green, energy efficient living environment, AND save yourself a BUNCH of casholia!

Delivery, taxes, installation, and power switch not included in price.

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