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Renewable Energy Systems VS Fuel and Energy Savings Products


  • Free Green Energy -vs-

  • Renewable Energy Systems -vs-

  • Green Energy Solutions NOW -vs-

  • Clean Energy Systems

FTSOME (for the sake of Mother Earth) NOT Fuel and Energy Savings Products!!!

The above chart is from Google Insights for Search, which can help you determine which messages resonate best, and can be a helpful tool in creating brand associations. For example, we used fuel savings products, green energy solutions, free green energy, renewable energy systems, and clean energy solutions for this graph, and discovered that there’s more searches for renewable energy systems. To find out more about this tool, see Google Help for Insights.

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Fuel and Energy Savings Products – Our Building Plans

Well, I finally finished the “blue” prints for our building. And this thing is HUGE!!

… and I’ll also have the electrical 99% finished by day’s end.

I was thinking that this thing would take me at least one month to do all the drawings up, but I have become a whiz at Photoshop, and now I can see it taking only two weeks. So, everything is coming together quite well.

Our first fuel and energy saving factory for the perpetual motion energy generator will be located in the Prescott AZ area. We will employ 255 people, and our first year’s profit will be in the neighborhood of 200 million … sign up for employment today!

So without further ado, get yourself a lookie at this –

Fuel and Energy Savings Products - Our Building

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Our Progress with the Magnetic Generator, Version One

fuel and energy savings products buildingWorking off my wife’s laptop, as mine is in dire need of more ram, and also has fried the motherboard, I stand board myself – I am hoping on getting it back by Friday, Jan 27, 2012.

Yea, it needs more ram, as the drawings I am making for the building will not save out at the size that is required for construction crews.

My workstation has been in the shop since Monday, and it tends to make me nervous as to finishing off the fuel and energy saving product business plan by March 1st, 2012, the date that Clint has set. I’m thinking it will be more like March 15, and start construction on the shop on April 1st. Things seem to always go that way for me.

It’s incredible what all is involved! But I can see the purpose – once we get our funds, everything will be ready to make it happen. And we will know just what to expect for employees, funds, equipment, and magnetic energy generator production.

Being such an incredible move, from medium-lower class, to one of the most wealthy people in the world, I enjoy sharing this with people. And it has proved out wise to do so, as I have received valuable input for them. One of them informed me that the government will need about $2000 for an energy product selling for $10,000. My partners and myself also talk on a daily basis, and generate better ideas.

The way this is going to happen: we will be putting together our startup factory here in the Prescott area. Once production is smooth and consistent, construction on the shop ‘ll be setting up another factory in Phoenix AZ, at least four times larger, then another one in Mesa AZ, and then on to Long Beach CA, San Francisco, CA, and San Diego. From there, the three of us will be continually be setting up plants until we can supply the world’s demands.

Next step is to go into the automotive industry, starting with a 4-seater perpetual motion motor compact car next a compact truck, and then on to all other vehicles including motorcycles, and freight trucks.

Then, if we feel ambitious, it’s on to airplanes, boats, and zero cost energy ships.