Need to Find 2:1 Ratio Internal Gears

In our progress to start producing these magnetic perpetual motion energy generators, so you can produce your own electricity, we have run into a snag – Harvey cannot find the correct gearing to complete the prototype. It’s been about three weeks now, and he still can’t find it. What we need is 2:1 ratio internal […]

Looking for CAD Gear Draftsperson

Not able to find these required gears, we now are turning to having them made. PDF file:¬†Internal_Gear_CAD_Specs4 To save to your computer, right click on link and choose save as. So we need a CAD gear draftsperson. Here are the specifications of the gears: LATEST UPDATE 9/4/2012: Now we want the outer gear to be […]

More Gear Images

This first one is what our engineer has hooked up right now. But it’s not the right gear ratio. This one has 74 teeth on the outer gear, and 34 teeth on the inner gear, giving it a ratio of 2,176:1 – not the ratio of 2:1 that is necessary. Next, are a few drawings […]