Renewable Energy Systems VS Fuel and Energy Savings Products

HOLY SMOKES – WE HAD IT WRONG – ALL THIS TIME!! Free Green Energy -vs- Renewable Energy Systems -vs- Green Energy Solutions NOW -vs- Clean Energy Systems FTSOME (for the sake of Mother Earth) NOT Fuel and Energy Savings Products!!! The above chart is from Google Insights for Search, which can help you determine which […]

Why save energy? Use our magnetic perpetual motion energy generator!

An Energy Revolution Is on the Horizon

Yes, an energy revolution will soon be here. This world will very soon be able to produce free energy from just magnets for every home and business. Even so, the technology to generate free energy on a home to business basis already exists! It was featured in Science & Mechanics in their spring 1980 issue, […]

browser wars

Browser Wars, Browser Compatibility

OK, so I’m a web designer, and get paid to make sure everything works right … right? BUT, before I’m all that, I’m lazy and preoccupied. And one of the jobs of a web designer, is to be sure your website looks the same in all browsers. Well, I FAILED. And you can see the […]