Need to Find 2:1 Ratio Internal Gears

In our progress to start producing these magnetic perpetual motion energy generators, so you can produce your own electricity, we have run into a snag – Harvey cannot find the correct gearing to complete the prototype. It’s been about three weeks now, and he still can’t find it. What we need is 2:1 ratio internal gears: an outer gear, an inner gear, and a stationary planetary gear.

He currently has a 3/4 drive rod, which will convert to double the speed on a 2″ tube which will feed the load. I’m including a picture of this need gearing below.

So if you know anyone who can help us find this two to one gear ratio, please contact one of us.

Gears needed: 2:1 ratio inner gears with planetary

Another drawing, showing fasteners (click for full size)

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2 thoughts on “Need to Find 2:1 Ratio Internal Gears

  1. Gottlieb

    Ok I did not read properly but if you make the inner gear 30 and the stationery gear 15 with the outer gear 60 then you will have a 2:1 ratio

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