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Browser Wars, Browser Compatibility

OK, so I’m a web designer, and get paid to make sure everything works right … right? BUT, before I’m all that, I’m lazy and preoccupied. And one of the jobs of a web designer, is to be sure your website looks the same in all browsers. Well, I FAILED. And you can see the results below. But what the heck? This theme was intended to be a temporary theme until I could get all the bugs taken care of by the developer of the theme I bought for this, “Hybrido.”

The theme displayed here now, is a free theme courtesy of (like let’s give him a BAD name) But now that we’re about to change our name (we’ll keep this website here), why bother? Our theme for our new website will be OFFICE … and YES, our new name will be Renewable Energy Systems – got the dot com, dot net, and dot org for it. AND, having trouble propagating – devil working OT on this LOL. Continue reading

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My First Two Cars

Our financial situation has turned for the worst now, as I haven’t had a job in 3-1/2 months. So we have bill collectors calling us, a negative bank balance, and I had to sign up with the Catholic Relief Mission so we could pay out electrical and gas bills. But that doesn’t stop me from fulfilling my dream.

After signing up for relief funds, the patron there sent me over to their food bank. What a relief, and wow – lots of GOOD stuff, even an ice cream cake. On the way home, I remembered that I wanted to visit the classic car dealership here in Prescott Valley. So I did, and selected these two cars to purchase after I get my first year’s salary.

65-chevelle-malibu-01 Continue reading

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