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More Gear Images

This first one is what our engineer has hooked up right now. But it’s not the right gear ratio. This one has 74 teeth on the outer gear, and 34 teeth on the inner gear, giving it a ratio of 2,176:1 – not the ratio of 2:1 that is necessary.

Next, are a few drawings sent from Allen of Maxtooling Co, Ltd:

Revised Building Plans

Well, I saw our building yesterday, and being there was a construction worker there, we (my wife & I), were able to go inside, and take measurements of the offices. We also got the width and depth of the building. The square footage is 18,720, 120 feet wide, by 156 feet 4 inches.

This square building actually works out better,as we are able to conserve a lot more space – only need one desk per function. We are also able to have two employee lunch rooms. This will work well, as people tend to form clicks. And it will reduce coworker tension. And from the loft, you’ll also have a great view of the hills of Prescott – a nice soothing experience to have during lunch.

In the loft, we also have an area for employee meetings.

This building has a lot of doors that we can utilize. With all the good weather here, we’ll be able to pass materials outdoors, which also increases our shop’s size.

All-in-all, this is gonna be a great company to work for, and soon, you’ll be able to produce your own electricity.

Fuel and energy savings products - our real shop layout

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The Electrical Floor Plan

Finished this off yesterday. And so, guess I’m done; don’t think I need elevations, if they don’t know the common height of where a receptical or light switch goes, they better find another job!

Main floor:

Fuel and energy savings products - elecrtical blue print

And the loft:

Fuel and energy savings products - elecrtical blue print

Fuel and Energy Savings Products – Our Building Plans

Well, I finally finished the “blue” prints for our building. And this thing is HUGE!!

… and I’ll also have the electrical 99% finished by day’s end.

I was thinking that this thing would take me at least one month to do all the drawings up, but I have become a whiz at Photoshop, and now I can see it taking only two weeks. So, everything is coming together quite well.

Our firstĀ fuel and energy saving factory for the perpetual motion energy generator will be located in the Prescott AZ area. We will employ 255 people, and our first year’s profit will be in the neighborhood of 200 million … sign up for employment today!

So without further ado, get yourself a lookie at this –

Fuel and Energy Savings Products - Our Building

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