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Looking for CAD Gear Draftsperson

Not able to find these required gears, we now are turning to having them made.

PDF file: Internal_Gear_CAD_Specs4
PDF file image
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So we need a CAD gear draftsperson. Here are the specifications of the gears:

LATEST UPDATE 9/4/2012: Now we want the outer gear to be about six inches in diameter. And if you’ve seen/downloaded the specs here prior, the third drawing, “1-stand+connector.jpg” has been changed. This is also reflected in the PDF file.

CAD files that now need modifying – Manufacturing
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Renewable Energy Systems VS Fuel and Energy Savings Products


  • Free Green Energy -vs-

  • Renewable Energy Systems -vs-

  • Green Energy Solutions NOW -vs-

  • Clean Energy Systems

FTSOME (for the sake of Mother Earth) NOT Fuel and Energy Savings Products!!!

The above chart is from Google Insights for Search, which can help you determine which messages resonate best, and can be a helpful tool in creating brand associations. For example, we used fuel savings products, green energy solutions, free green energy, renewable energy systems, and clean energy solutions for this graph, and discovered that there’s more searches for renewable energy systems. To find out more about this tool, see Google Help for Insights.

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Need to Find 2:1 Ratio Internal Gears

In our progress to start producing these magnetic perpetual motion energy generators, so you can produce your own electricity, we have run into a snag – Harvey cannot find the correct gearing to complete the prototype. It’s been about three weeks now, and he still can’t find it. What we need is 2:1 ratio internal gears: an outer gear, an inner gear, and a stationary planetary gear.

He currently has a 3/4 drive rod, which will convert to double the speed on a 2″ tube which will feed the load. I’m including a picture of this need gearing below.

So if you know anyone who can help us find this two to one gear ratio, please contact one of us.

Gears needed: 2:1 ratio inner gears with planetary

Another drawing, showing fasteners (click for full size)

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