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Steve of Web Design by SteveWho are we? We’re a team of three connected by a radio talk show, “Discover Arizona’s Best,” which airs on Friday mornings via AM KXXT 1010. My name is Steve Shearer, owner/operator of Web Design by Steve, Personalized, affordable web design service, guaranteed satisfaction, BEST prices! It was just by chance that Clint of Arizona Advertising Services (no website) and I connected. Clint had never listened to the radio show previously, and was browsing channels, when he heard my talk, mentioning that I could offer search engine optimization for a price lower that his current provider. So we hooked up, as I would be his supplier.And then, again per chance, his company had a client, Harvey, who is a master electronics and mechanical genius. Come to find out, Harvey was looking into the magnetic perpetual motion energy generator, as I was also. But Harvey is beyond your conventional engineer – he has vision. He has purpose. He has determination. And he knows how to make this thing happen.

So while Harvey is developing the prototype, I’m forming the business plan. Clint has owned several businesses, including an import/export business, and is good at the legal aspects of this venture.Our first plant will be located in my area, Prescott Arizona, and will be just over 18,000 square feet, located near the airport. We will develop the next plant in Phoenix, Arizona, and the following one in Fort Wane, Indiana, which is the major city close to Harvey. From there, we will develop plants in every major city.Through our plant in Prescott, we plan on producing 450 units per day, with a retail value of $8,000. to power a 1300 SF home. Further developments include a generator to power a 5,000 SF commercial building, various sizes for other size homes and buildings, tapping into the automotive industry, and possibly go into the boating and aircraft industries.
Harvey Thatcher

Harvey Thatcher, COO and Engineer for FESP

Clint Lawter, CBO and Marketing Director

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