Wanted: Engineer for PMG (Perpetual Motion Generator)

mechanical engineer wantedIt’s been four months since I’ve communicated with our PMG engineer. I’ve emailed him, and made several phone calls that haven’t been returned, so I’ve given up on him. And we’re aware that he’s not the ONLY engineer who could bring this to life – I could do it, if I had the time.The selected individual will share in one-third of all profits.


  1. Willing to develop this device with future compensation
  2. Must be self-motivated
  3. Should have 10-plus hours per week to devote to this

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Engineer for PMG (Perpetual Motion Generator)

  1. lester ortiz

    Hello my name is Lester, Im very intersting to be part of your team, at the moment im living in Santo Domingo caribean Area so we can sell all your products around here and we can be parners and do the promotion for the caribean area and Latin America..
    Ing. Lester Ortiz

  2. Robert Rizzo

    Hello my name is Robert and like to help in constructing perpetual magnetic propelled generators. Ive been looking and reading about differences between types of coils a construction of perpetual magnetic device’s . Got stuck with the many different variations of design. Like three types . Been trying to get mine finished ,been building out of wood .next model will be better.

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