A Drastic Improvement to Our Economy and Salvation of this Planet

While posting this, I didn’t realize the importance of what’s coming this Sunday:
Mobilize the Earth™ rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Earth Day!
So I went to their website, and signed up for a bunch of activities.

Earth day 4/22/2012

In an effort to save the earth, this invention will be very perplexing to our government as well as to all power companies. They will be watching our every move, and we also anticipate the presence of investigators, eavesdroppers, and spys seeking any information that will help their employer to create this unique apparatus.

This machine will change our national economy. Once it’s widespread on the market, our oil dependance will suffer great loss. Our electrical generating plants will be filing for bankruptcy. The average consumer who purchases our units will increase their resources by $8,000 to $12,000 per year. Considering the median household income in the United States to be $46,000, this would be like all of America getting a 20 percent raise. So you wanna talk about improving our national debt? And how about saving the planet?

What we’re talking about is an energy generator. This generator will not need any input to create energy, once activated. We will be starting with energy generation for homes and businesses, then move into the automotive field. Variations on this design will also be capable to power ships and airplanes. We have a brilliant mechanic who knows how to build this, and through his abilities, will be able to design and build the best possible generators.

… and we plan on dominating this new industry!!

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