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People who need a magnetic perpetual motion energy generator

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So, would you like to sell these for a profit? We’ll even drop-ship for you!

We expect to have the first models ready in July 2012. The cost will be about $8,000, and they will supply ALL of your home’s electrical power for a conventional 1300 square foot home. You can finance this for less than your current utility bill, and just think – when the loan expires, NO MORE UTILITY BILL!!!

So, just fill out this form, and we will contact you when we have some units available.

And of course, you will NOT be paying $8,000! We will discount your generators by 50% – THAT’S RIGHT – you will be getting your magnetic perpetual motion energy generator for $4,000! So sign up now, and help make this planet a green, energy efficient living environment, AND save yourself a BUNCH of casholia!

Delivery, taxes, installation, and power switch not included in price.

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My Car Museum

Today I took a break and decided to collect pictures of all the cars I want to buy once this magnetic perpetual motion energy generator takes off.

My daily driver will be a 1962 Chevy Corvette – influenced as one of my high school buddies had one, and we went cruising with it. Among the cars will be also a 1954 Chevy Corvette. Other favorites include a 57 Ford Fairlane with a retractable hardtop, a 57 Thunderbird, a 1951 Ford F100 pickup, a 30’s Woody, a 56 Chevy Cameo pickup, and 1969 Dodge Super Bee. There’s a total of 64 vehicles.

Some of these I have owned: the 1951 Ford F100, a 56 Chevy Nomad, a Camero, a 1952 Chevy, and the 69 Dodge Super Bee.



52 chevy 3100 pkup cust



You can see the rest of them at our Facebook fan page.

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Sign Up for Employment

We are going to need 255 employees, starting late May, early April.


  1. Research and Development – 6 pros, 3 laborers
  2. Tool room – 6 laborers
  3. Electrical – 12 pros, 6 laborers
  4. Order, and stock – 12 pros, 42 laborers
  5. Casting – 6 pros, 6 laborers
  6. Laser cutting – 12 pros, 6 laborers
  7. Welding – 12 pros, 6 laborers
  8. Milling & Cad magnet lazor cutting – 12 pros, 6 laborers
  9. Assembly – 6 pros, 30 skilled, 12 laborers
  10. Packaging and Shipping – 12 skilled, 42 laborers

NOTE: all employees will have to submit a background check.

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Fuel and Energy Savings Products – Our Building Plans

Well, I finally finished the “blue” prints for our building. And this thing is HUGE!!

… and I’ll also have the electrical 99% finished by day’s end.

I was thinking that this thing would take me at least one month to do all the drawings up, but I have become a whiz at Photoshop, and now I can see it taking only two weeks. So, everything is coming together quite well.

Our firstĀ fuel and energy saving factory for the perpetual motion energy generator will be located in the Prescott AZ area. We will employ 255 people, and our first year’s profit will be in the neighborhood of 200 million … sign up for employment today!

So without further ado, get yourself a lookie at this –

Fuel and Energy Savings Products - Our Building

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